What is OneID®?

OneID® is a unique service that puts you in control of your identity online, enabling you to secure and simplify your digital life. It works by allowing you to use your existing bank-verified identity with online sites and services that you trust - removing all the fiddly form-filling, delays and identity checks you currently experience when signing up to a service or shopping online.

Points of interest

  • Open Banking

    Open Banking is the secure way to give providers access to your financial information. OneID® uses Open Banking regulation to securely transfer your data from your bank to a registered 3rd Party.

  • How is personal data protected?

    At DIN we put data privacy at the heart of our products and have designed OneID® to ensure that no personal data is ever stored when you use it. When you agree to share your personal data we send it directly from the bank to the customer. DIN keeps a record of what data was sent but never the actual data itself. So when you agree to share your name and address we know that’s what was agreed, but we don’t keep a record of what your name is or where you live.

  • Your Security

    OneID® is a unique privacy-focused free-to-use solution that doesn't store, see or sell your data. We use bank-grade security protocols to transfer data between your bank and the service you approve. You have full control over the data that you wish to share.

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